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Is Homeschool right for my child?
Generally success in a homeschool program requires a solid partnership between parent and child. This means that there must be a productive and respectful working relationship between the student and the designated learning coach. Homeschool requires a strong level of commitment for all involved.

We work with many different types of homeschool students, however our experience has been that students with the following qualities have greater success in homeschool programs:
  • High level of motivation
  • Independent worker
  • Strong desire to learn new skills
  • Organized
  • Good time management skills
  • Good communication skills in order to ask questions and work with parent and teacher
Sometimes we encounter students who just need a break from a traditional school experience due to either academic or social issues. We understand this need and will help parents and students through this transitional time period. We do not allow students to come and go from the program over the course of a school year. Homeschool should be considered a full year program but we will accept students mid-year should the need arise. Please visit the homeschool teacher, Sharon Martin's pageĀ sharon martin


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Common Characteristics of homeschoolers:

  • A sense that life has more possibilities than found by following a traditional school path
  • A sense of confidence in his/her personal and academic abilities
  • A sense of independence
  • Curiosity about the world and a desire to learn how things work

Fast Facts:

  • Homeschooling is the single fastest growing educational trend in the United States.
  • Currently there are between 2.5 and 4 million homeschoolers nationwide which is up from 1.7 million in 2003.