CUSD Extension Programs

Extension Program
Frequently Asked Questions

How are Extension programs associated with the Campbell Union School District?
All Extension programs are a part of the services provided by the Campbell Union School District. All employees hired to run the programs are put through the same hiring process as district teachers, administrators and classified staff. We do a background check, reference check and fingerprints on all candidates that are hired to work with students.

Where do program fees go?
Extension programs are revenue generating which means that all fees support the costs to run the program and then any extra “profit” goes back to support the school district. This benefits your child in two ways: first, your child gets a high quality program that prepares them for success in school and in life; and second, money comes back to the district to support school day needs. In the past Extensions money has been used to provide additional counseling and instructional aides at school sites, support technology programs, fund after school drama and sports programs and support various school site needs.

What are the qualifications of your staff?
All preschool teachers follow licensing guidelines as directed by the Santa Clara County Community Care Licensing Division. They have completed various Early Childhood Education courses that correspond to their job title and the requirements for that position. CampbellCare staff go through training throughout the year that help them to support the students in after school. Staff are encouraged to further their education and as they gain more units they are eligible to apply for higher level positions within the organization.

Are your centers licensed?
Preschool: Yes, all of our programs are licensed and meet the guidelines set by the  California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division.
CampbellCare: No, since we serve only children within our own school district we are governed by the California Education Code.

Do I need to live in the district to attend an Extension Program?
Preschool and Summer Programs: NO, we accept children from all over the community.
Homeschool: NO, we accept children from all of Santa Clara county and those counties that border Santa Clara County.
CampbellCare: YES, during the school year we only have the capacity to serve students who attend the school site at which the child care center is located. During summer we can serve students outside of the district.

What is your staff to student ratio?
Preschool: 2 fully qualified teachers for 24 students.
CampbellCare: 1 leader to 20 children

Do you offer subsidized preschool?
Campbell Union School District does have several options available for subsidized preschool. You must qualify by either being a full time student or working full time while the child is in preschool. Proof of income is required to determine sliding scale pay rate. For more information regarding preschool subsidy please contact Margarita Contreras Guizar at the Family Learning Center at (408) 341-7127. The subsidized preschools are located at Blackford, Capri, Lynhaven, Sherman Oaks and Rosemary.

Do you offer subsidized childcare?
Campbell Union School District does not offer internal scholarships for child care, however, we do accept subsidy from outside agencies and we are an acceptable provider. If you are in need of subsidized child care we recommend that you contact any of the following agencies to see if you qualify for their program:
Choices for Children 408-297-3295
CalWorks 408-999-6223
4C’s Council 408-487-0747
Social Services Agency 408-975-5798
PACEAPP 408-278-1214

Can my child join a program mid-year?
Yes, preschool students can start at any time during the year as long as they are three years old, fully potty trained and space is available in the program. CampbellCare students can start at any time as long as there is space available for the desired schedule.

Can I add a day to my current schedule?
We do not offer drop in services at either preschool or CampbellCare. If you would like to make a permanent change to your schedule to add a day it is possible if space exists. You will need to fill out a schedule change form to indicate the change desired.

Will I receive a monthly bill for services?
NO, since payments are the same each month we do not bill you. You will be issued a monthly receipt after the bill has been paid. For your convenience we recommend that you take advantage of our automatic billing system. Print out the ACH (auto payment) form on the program pages to take advantage of this service.

Who do I contact for billing inquiries?
All billing questions can be directed to Kristi Derego at 408-364-4200 ext. 6378. Please allow at least 24 hours for special requests of duplicate copies of bills.  
How is the monthly billing for CampbellCare?
CampbellCare tuition is yearly tution for the 180 days of school.  Tuition is divided across 10 months, 8 months 85% of the tuition and 2 months being 15% of the yearly tution.  Parents are not charged extra for the early release Wednesday's, or conference week.  Days that school is not in session and CampbellCare offers a camp there is a daily charge of $40 a day for care from 6:30am-6:00pm